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Body as energy field

Our body is an Energy Field with negative and positive, yin and yang, female and male polarities. When these energies are in balance and flowing freely without blockage, health and healing begin.

Cleansing Stagnant Energies

The first step to a healthy, vibrant Energy Field is the cleansing of stagnant energies in the body. Students who study our qigong techniques often call this cleansing process “the missing link” that connects their body and mind to be clear, focused and energized. This connection to the physical body energy is how they can stay in balance and keep their body-mind clear of stagnant Qi energy.

The great news is that anyone can practice qigong at any age or level of experience. It all begins at the roots of our being alive; your breath. At our center we coach the beginner on how to deepen your awareness of the abundant life force energy in every breath.

Once the breath has returned to the lower dantian or lower abdomen we can begin to build new internal Qi energy. The best time to practice Qi building techniques is after cleansing the energy field.  We want to build new Qi on top of good, positive energy, not the tired, aging, stagnant or sick old Qi.

Our martial art qigong is rooted in the age old wisdom of Shaolin Mei Hua. My teacher, Shaolin Mei Hua 17th generation Qigong Grand Master Tsai, teaches his student to be a cultivator of Qi, to treat our bodies as the field where unlimited potential exist to cultivate and regenerate our body vital energy. This is the tradition we joyfully carry on at Lotus Jewel Qi Energy Center.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Chinese Health and wellness system that integrates Qi and body postures, breath-work coordination and mental concentration on the draw and transfer of Qi energies. When the flow of Qi is interrupted energy blockages result that limit or completely shut off the flow of Qi in the body. This can lead to physical, mental and spiritual imbalance. Qigong as the third leg of Traditional Chinese Medicine has at its roots the knowledge to heal the body of blockage and imbalance.

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  1. Ian on 19/03/2013 at 11:26 am said:

    Leah, will turtle form being coming to Youtube? Would you be able to post the Youtube and Facebook links on the website? It’s Spring Break! Bringing something in to share soon. :)

  2. heidi on 18/03/2013 at 3:20 pm said:

    the web site is beautiful, a calming pleasure to read. The classes are wonderful and so appreciate your expertise. It was also a pleasure to meet the students from Miami, London and elsewhere. Recommend the classes to anyone who wants to better themselves on all levels. It was a ‘missing link’ I was looking for and has deepened my daily meditations.

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